About Illuminate Jewellery

Our Inspiration
Illuminate Jewellery Draws its inspiration from the ri ch design and artisanal heritage of India. Our India recognises craftsmanship, flamboyance and layered storytelling while placing it firmly in the now. The woman who has a view of the wider world and how she moves through it, while appreciating quality, wearability and ease.

About Us
We do specialise in heavy Statement junk jewellery has been quite a hit among urban dwellers in the past few years, because of its quirky designs, easy maintenance, and of course it’s pocket friendliness. If You Are in Kolkata, and a fashion enthusiast, you might have come across the brand Illuminate Jewellery .

Meet The Founder
The founder and designer Sneha started her journey on 2018 and her endeavour to create timeless designs that brought together her passion and jewellery, history paired with a keen eye for superior craftsmanship .
She says, with a smile “ I was a teacher and had very less idea about jewellery craft, Manship, but I wanted to do something on my own, wanted to inspire women, and of course, the passion”
From there, it was no turning back, Illuminate Jewellery grew leaps, and Bounds at present. It has a huge clientele across the country and worldwide Sneha, though passionate about her work, she also wants to empower women and give them a vision to grow. She says “ when I had started off, I had no contacts, no idea about the industry, but I knew that I had to overcome the challenge. All I had was a deep desire and deep sense of design and strong visualisation skill, and I use that to start and then every thing become bit easier” .
She also added initially we used to visit various jewellery workshop in Jaipur and others to learn the process and gather knowledge in jewellery making. If you visit our workshop, presently in Kolkata, where in this beautiful pieces are made available, you will see all our women empowered artisans . Sneha says, there is no desire to stop and has plans to open physical stores across various metros. Her dedication has indeed yielded a lot over the past few years and the growth story of Illuminate jewellery will continue.

Illuminate Jewellery puts woman at the centre of all conversations, and more importantly, apply a female sensibility to its approach to design, variability and functionality. The connection to the woman who wears it .

All our work are done in-house handcrafted with a team of women artisans who are exclusive to Illuminate !

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